Saturday, May 14, 2011


Sharing:  When we finished praying last night, I felt oppressed and devastated. I felt I failed God last week; when in the weakness of my flesh I allowed fear, insecurity, stresses, and the misery of my job, among other things, take over me. Let’s take some time to list the idols/obstacles that we have allowed to stand between us and God; and ask God to restore our faith, trust, strength and joy in Him during our time of difficulties.

Prayer: Father, we thank you for your unfailing love, thank you because you never leave nor forsake us. Thank you because you strengthen us in our weakness. Thank you for your HEALING POWER, and because in YOU we can find FORGIVENESS, JOY, AND PEACE. Thank you, for you hear our prayers!

Scripture: Psalm 73:21-26  "When my heart was grieved  and my spirit embittered...

                                                 My heart and my flesh may fail,

                                                 But God is the stregth of my heart..." 

Song: “God is the Strength of my life” By  Eugene Greco

Whom I have in heaven but you?
There is nothing on earth I desire besides you
My heart and my strength many times they fail
But there is one truth that always will prevail
God is the strength of my heart,
God is the strength of my heart
God is the strength of my heart, and my portion …

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